About Us

About Us

AL Mann and RaN Coffee House was established in 2013 under trading name of AL Mannu First Fast Food and famed as a class A Restaurant in
the sector, which is now converted into a Coffee place with the main objective to become the best coffee place and quality service provider in the sector.

Our Mission

AL Mann & RaN Coffee House is determined to become a daily necessity to local coffee addicts, a great place to dream of and meet people. As coffee and friends are the perfect blend, AL Mann & RaN Coffee House is focused to serve coffee gourmet using people linking strategy.

Our History

When The Prophet Moses (PBUH) Was Living A Long With Six Hundred Thousand People Of The Bani Israel ( The Israelites) In The Field Of Teeh. GOD Descended Two Heavenly Feasts For Them From The Sky. One Of Which Was,, Mann And Other Was Salwa
“And (we) sent down Al Mann
and Salwa upon you”
(Al Baqarah 57)

During the forty years between the time the Israelites left Egypt and entered the promised land, they faced harsh conditions, including a scarcity of food. To alleviate this problem, GOD Miraculously provided the Israelites with “bread from heaven,” called “MANN” The Mann Appeared Each Morning, And The Israelites Ate Mann Forty Years, Until They Reached The Boarder Of Canaan.
(EXODUS 16, 35)

AL Mann (Manna)
The people of Israel called the bread manna. As it was white like coriander seed and tasted like wafers made with hone. Moses said, “this is what lord has commanded: ”take an omen(unit) of manna and keep it for the generations to come, so they can see the bread I gave you to eat In the wilderness when I brought you out of Egypt”


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Master Chefs
Team Members

Our Chefs

About Our Chefs

At Almann Coffee House, our esteemed team of chefs stands out for their exceptional intelligence and extensive culinary experience. These culinary maestros possess a unique blend of knowledge, creativity, and passion, setting them apart in the gastronomic world.
Each member of our culinary team is handpicked for their remarkable intelligence, a trait that shines through in every dish they prepare. Their ability to adapt to new trends, explore innovative flavors, and push the boundaries of culinary artistry is truly unmatched. Their keen minds enable them to continuously develop and refine the dishes, ensuring that our menu stays ahead of the curve.

Chef N. Suleman
Head. Chef
Chef K. Zulfat
Assis. Chef
Chef Salima
Assis. Chef
Chef M. Fatuma
Assis chef